Increasingly Educational Institutions are facing challenges in proper organised communications to all stakeholders- Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, Donors and Management. With multiple channels of communications like emails, SMS, portal, Video and telephone, maintaining and tracking unified communications is extremely important to create a thriving ecosystem of the engaged community.
As your institution grows, tracking fee payments become a serious overhead. In addition, more and more students demand online fee payment facility. Online Bank Transfer is not convenient, as for the student and parent identifying exact fee amount is difficult, and for your School, bank reconciliation is cumbersome, often resulting in errors. Identifying over due payments and reminding only those who are yet to pay is also challenging.
Planning class routine and schedules is one of the primary needs to run a better organised institution. Giving real time access to schedules to students and teachers is also critical. Scheduling examination, classes, assignments are all extremely convenient. Advanced analytics also provide you with the Teacher Occupancy that can play an important factor to better distribute work load of Teachers while creating class schedules.
Relationship management is a clearly neglected area for educational institutions. school management system helps schools tap the power of automation to maintain efficient relations with their customers. Easily design your admission forms or enquiry forms using a drag and drop interface. Publish your web forms in your website to accept enquiries online, and even process student admissions using the school management system.


Data Visualisation of your Institution's Performance

We will provide you with easy interpretation of complex data of your institution. Touchcore's School management system captures and generates loads of data from your School's everyday operations. Visualising these data in visual graphs and charts provide you with never before insights.

Complete Visibility into Income and Expenses

A detailed accounting system automatically generates visual interpretation of your School's Incomes and Expenses. Accessible only via your Accountant's secured credentials, get real time information about your Institutions Financial performance. Take informed decisions

Secured Portal for Students, Parents, Teachers, Accountants and Adminstrator

Part of the Unified Communications strategy, Touchcore School management system provides 24x7 access to pre identified information to different types of users- Students, Parents, Teachers, Accountants and Administrators. The system has already assigned access levels avoiding you the trouble to do so for every user. The same login portal intelligently identifies the type of user based on their access credentials- reducing complexity to manage and administer your system

Out of the Box Flexibility for all Grading Type from School Management System

Our team have studied in detail all types of Grading Systems followed in any part of the world, and designed the module to enable configuration of any Grading system followed by your Institution. The only SIS which can accommodate any complexity in Grades and results processing. Touchcore's School management system unique and proprietary Formulator allows you to yourself replicate your standards for students grades calculations.

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